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“Wide range of business and product services provided with

a personal experience. We propulse start’up & cycling brands projects

by using creativity & technology. That’s what we do.”


– Rémi CHENU, Founder of Up Cycling

Engineering Services

Design & Devlopment

Product Creation

Innovation, Conception, 3D, prototypes, tests, aero tunnel, FEM analysis… the last 14 years I selected the best partners to develop, test and produce frames, components such as handlebar, stem, wheels, rims…


Disruptive Innovation

Many times innovation don’t come internaly, specially in big companies. People are too focus on their job. When I see a derailleur, a stem, or an home trainer I think directly to disrupt and innovate.

Design & Devlopment

Design & Painting

A good product is nice, but my experience told me the painting and the design is the most important. We are working with the best italian designers to make a top seller product.


Supplier & Parts Sourcing

We are able to find a CNC maker for prototype or production, a carbon factory, or any products or services, from a specific cycling parts to out of size bike box, in Europe or Asia.

Business Services

Sales Services

Sales Agent OEM & B2C

You have innovative product but no sales force? We re connected to many OEM and shops. With us, you have a direct & efficient access to the bike industry market in few weeks.

Sales Strategy

Strategy Consulting

In 14 years, I saw a lot, B2B, B2C, hybrid strategy, adwords, conversion tunnel, fund raising, failure, over expense, too soon launch. I know how to build a great strategy for cycling market.

Brand Strategy

Brand Creation

Last 14 years I launched 2 bikes brands, 1 carbon wheels and components brands with opposite positioning. I can help you to start or develop your brands or a specific product line.

Business Analysis

Consumer Pathway Analysis

Is it easy to buy your product? We test your retailer about products they are supposed to know and we try to buy your product in shops or online. Many brands don't realize how hard it is to buy their products. What about you?

Business innovation

Innovative Services Creation

Want to launch a bike insurance for your customers, or some Long Term Renting services with monthly private sales. Find the partners for new innovative services is a nightmare. You don't have time for that? We already did this job.

Press & Communication

Organize Press Tests

Organize press tests is not just send a box to an adress and wait for the results. You have to know what will be journalist feedback before send the box. For that you need experience and long term relation. We have both.

They trust us as partners or customers

14 years of cycling projects

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About the founder

We love product innovation

My name is Rémi CHENU, I’m the founder of Up Cycling Agency and trained cyclist. As mechanical engineer I love products, cycling parts, components, production process, CAD files, design, user experience, testing, supply… every aspects of parts but above all that what I love is disruption & innovation. As CTO of Heroïn bikes I created the Heroïn bike from scratch, design, prototypes, molds, CNC parts, graphics, aero test, innovation… concerning bike parts, the last 14 years I already did every creation steps. Cycling is my playground.

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But we love as much business

I launght my first company after Engineering Master and MBA (company management IAE), at 26. It was a distribution company of a Taiwainese carbon frame (CKT bikes), starting from scratch in my parents garage, I quickly reached 1.5M€ then 3M€ per year, almost 2000 carbon frames per year and 13 employees. This experience was the most complete in terms of strategy, communication, marketing, sales, export, management, supply chain… I’ve learnt a lot during 6 amazing years, also I had my first experience in fundraising (1.2M€ in 2011).

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